Posted by: rjcudlip | January 28, 2010

Tweetalondoncab tries to get organised….

As our follower numbers grow and the work comes in at a steady rate, we thought it best to try and get ourselves a bit more organised.  Whilst we’ve managed to get by through Twitter & email exchanges in the past, it was time to get everyone together to sort out how we move things forward.  I won’t bore anyone with the details of what 17 cabbies locked in the same room waffled about, but we managed to have a very positive meeting.  Huge thanks once more to Mark Rock (@markrock) and all at Audioboo (@audioboo) for letting us use their offices for this meeting.  And below is a picture of our historic first meeting.  Roughly from left to right those attending where;

@Nigel42, @CoopsE1 (seated), @cabbydavid (seated), @thegreenbadge, @metropete7 (rear), @jt188chinesecab, (middle), @TitanicCabby (front), @Lee_tax (hiding), @londontaximan (front), @cabbiescapital, @licencetaxihire, @cabgeeza (front), @legalledoff, @JasTHFC (rear), @jackcabnory (middle), @markthecab (protecting his valuables), @MartCAFC

London's finest - I'm just not saying what we're the finest at...


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