Posted by: rjcudlip | September 9, 2009

@Tweetalondoncab brings #Twesticab to @LdnTwestival

@Tweetalondoncab is delighted to launch the #Twesticab hashtag in preparation for it’s involvement in Thursday’s @LdnTwestival.  As you’ll see from the details below, attendees at Twestival will be able to send their taxi request via Twitter using the #Twesticab identifier.

How it works;

1. We’ll take requests via tweets using the #twesticab tag.

2. Or just pass a note to the team there on the night by finding the #Twesticab desk, manned by @cabbiescapital, @londontaximan and @paul_clarke.

3. Requests need to state:

  • Twitter name (or names)
  • Desired departure time (or range of times)
  • Destination (ideally street/road name and first bit of postcode)
  • Mobile number (only if there might be problems confirming your cab via Twitter – Numbers will not be displayed publicly)

4. If booking, a voluntary donation of £3 to Childline is suggested – via any of the team. (Bear in mind you may well save more than this if the taxi-sharing goes well)  Drivers will also be making donations, most likely as a % of any fares they take.

5. We’ll put requests up on a chart and plan travel combinations and routes that make sense.

6. Half an hour before your cab goes you’ll get a tweet to confirm (or a text if necessary) and you can pick up a confirmation slip from the team.

7. You’ll be told in the confirmation and on the slip the Twitter names of your fellow travellers and your driver, and the departure time and location of your cab.

8. We’ll help you to get in touch, and to get your cab.

What’s in it for you?  Lots!

  • A safe journey home with a licensed black cab driver.
  • The chance to travel with new and interesting people.
  • Saving money through sharing (hopefully!).
  • Friendlier on the environment than everyone taking separate cabs.
  • Chance to try out a new way of managing travel, and to support a new twitter venture, @tweetalondoncab
  • You get looked after: personal service from booking, to confirmation, to helping you get to your cab.

@Tweetalondoncab is very excited about coming to Twestival and looks forward to making new friends whilst raising a bit of money for Childline along the way.


  1. That is a great idea, and I can’t believe we don’t implement more like it in cities like NY and Vegas, where it’s easier to get a horse and carriage then a cab. Excellent job connecting your network and customers!

  2. Well done. Good work. Very innovative.

  3. Interesting….

  4. Sep 2, 2010
    Pickup point : London Heathrow Airport
    Drop of point : London Hilton Metropole Hotel, Edgware Rd.
    Number of passengers : 2

    Sep 4, 2010
    Pickup point : London Hilton Metropole Hotel
    Drop of point : Malvern St James (school for girls)
    (15 Avenue Rd. Great Malvern
    Worcestershire) / The Abbey Hotel,Abbey Rd. Malvern
    Number of passengers : 2

    Sep 5, 2010
    Pickup point : Malvern St James (school for girls)
    Drop of point : London Heathrow Airport
    Number of Passengers : 1

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