Posted by: rjcudlip | July 10, 2009

@tweetalondoncab – the new media darlings?

Following on from the great response we had from our launch last week, we’d had a steady start to the week with a few bookings and some more Twitter love from most people that heard about us.  The nice man from @TimeOutBigSmoke mentioned us on his blog, and Time Out even squeezed in a small bit about us in the magazine.  Unfortunately they, like Sky News yesterday, seem to be giving me all the credit for @tweetalondoncab!  Which is annoying because although I’ve been heavily involved in the launch and helping it get going, most of the credit should go to Karl, aka @londontaximan, for the initial idea and persuading some of the doubters (me) that it could work and that we should just get the thing up & running.  I also want to stress that @tweetalondoncab will only succeed if it continues to operate as a collective of like minded drivers who all contribute to “the greater good”.  This has certainly been the case so far, so thanks to everyone involved, and we look forward to getting more drivers up and running soon.

But back to the good news.  Thanks to our first customer, @Britt_W, Channel 4 news have picked up on our existence, and after I spoke to them yesterday, still decided that they wanted to interview someone on todays lunchtime news.  So I will be heading for Grays Inn Road and hoping that nerves don’t get the better of me.  I’ll be trying to get across the message that @tweetalondoncab is a true collective operation, that it shows cab drivers are prepared to be innovative and that our service values our customers safety & security above all else.

And then, completely separate from the Channel 4 thing, Sky News started following us and wanted to have a chat.  So another phone call with me trying to explain what we are about, and they then mentioned us on their technology round up at about 7:25pm last night (blink and you’ll miss it), and posted this story about us on their website.  I really don’t know where they got the idea from that I set it all up, as I talked about us as a collective and how the initial idea had come from another driver.  Never mind, all publicity is good publicity, right?

So watch the C4 news this lunchtime, laugh at me if you must, things seem to be getting a bit interesting now.


  1. listen you’ve both put alot of work into TLC so both deserve the plaudits.

  2. Well done on the telly.
    I’m sure that every driver in London would like to see this service take off. Its a great NEW way of getting a Taxi and puts a bit of fun back into the trade in these desperate times.


  3. Wish you all the best. You deserve it! And – as your first ever customer, I’m unanimous in that!

  4. Richard
    Which one of you is the genius? I brilliant idea, and I like the way its been formed as a collective. Now if only the circuits could work like that. Oh! Nearly forgot they did back in “the good old days”.
    Checked out Channel 4 link, but the video clip seems to have been taken down.


    In case anybody wants to look at “Mr ” follow this link if it is working:

  5. Well done to Karl for thinking of tweetalondoncab and for Richard for following on.

    I for one think it’s a brilliant idea and long may it succeed.

    While surfing the net I came across this clip on you tube, from Bloomberg news.

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