Posted by: rjcudlip | July 3, 2009

we have tweet off…..

yay! - it worked!

yay! - it worked!

Following a final meeting in an old petrol station car park in deepest Southwark, Karl (@londontaximan) and myself (@cabbiescapital) made the executive decision to launch @tweetalondoncab on Friday 3rd July – yesterday. After much umming & not a small amount of ahhing over the past weeks, we felt it was better just to go for it, launch the concept and see what happens.

I was at Tuttle, (doing a lot of exaggerated hand movements from the look of this) sitting in St James’s Park trying to find some way of connecting to the interweb (huge thanks to @paul_clarke for the loan of his, er, dongle), while Karl sent out the initial tweets, and within minutes it seemed that we were being re-tweeted everywhere. One person who arrived at Tuttle at around midday had already heard of us via Twitter before getting introduced to me – a nice moment. Once the link to our blog was sent out (Karl, mate, you MUST learn how to add links to your tweets!) that was also getting plenty of views, over 450 in total yesterday. @tweetalondoncab now has over 150 followers, and certainly created a little bit of a buzz in the twitter world. There is also a possibility that those nice people at Time Out will give us a mention in their next edition. All in all an excellent start I think, even if it didn’t create many jobs. We’re out there and people know about us, we just need to keep spreading the word and hopefully the work will start to steadily build. The honour of being our first customer went to @Britt_W, and thanks to @cabbytez for making that happen.

Would love to hear any feedback as to what people think of the concept and how we might take it forward. All suggestion/criticisms welcome, us cabbies are thick skinned!

So a big collective well done to all of us, we’ve already made people view cab drivers in a slightly different light. Now let’s see where this thing takes us!


  1. Best of luck with this venture!!

  2. […] myself and Karl James sat in the back of his cab and came up with the idea of @Tweetalondoncab. (longer back story here)┬áThe intervening 5 years have been at different times exciting, difficult, happy, sad, weird, […]

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