About @blackcab

Many moons ago a couple of cabbies created something called @tweetalondoncab that generated a lot of interest and a Twitter account with over 20,000 followers. A lot has happened in the interim and a lot of money has been spent by newcomers to the trade, @tweetalondoncab was never going to make a big impact in that world. We hadn’t really taken any bookings for a while and those that came through tended to be through other, non twitter sources. So, with a feeling of both relief and regret, we decided to close down @Tweetalondoncab as a booking service. So we no longer take any bookings.

But we haven’t gone away completely, the twitter account has been renamed @blackcab and we want to make best use of the community that formed around @tweetalondoncab. We are lining up content and contributors that we hope will reflect positivly on our trade and city. The cabby community is as diverse as most and we hope that we can show you that through the different voices that will emerge from this account. But we don’t want this to be a boring cab trade only account, we will welcome content & contributions from everywhere as long as it is relevent to London. Bear with us for a bit while we find our feet and feel our way but we really hope to make the @blackcab account a fun and interesting source of Cab-centric & London-centric information. Please help us start some interesting conversations.

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